AC Duct Issues That Owners of Ductless Split Systems Never Face

Homeowners can choose to have a ducted AC system or a ductless air conditioning system. Each of these options has its own benefits and shortcomings. This article discusses some of the problems that ductless split system ACs can help you to avoid.

The Growth of Mould

Mould spores usually thrive and grow rapidly in moist locations where there is limited light. Air conditioning ducts are perfect for the growth of mould because they are dark and moist. It is for this reason that poorly maintained ducted AC systems eventually show signs of mould, such as the development of musty smells within the house. Homeowners who chose to install ductless split air conditioning systems avoid this problem because the system does not provide moisture and darkness for the growth of mould spores.

Increased Energy Costs

Owners of ducted air conditioning systems may at times be dismayed to discover that their energy bills have suddenly spiked for no apparent reason. Such a scenario can result from clogs that develop within the ducts of the AC system. The accumulation of dust within the ducts can restrict the movement of conditioned air to all the rooms in the home. This constriction can compel the AC to work harder in order to force conditioned air through the ducts whose diameter has been reduced by the accumulation of dirt. That extra work done by the system explains the increase in the energy consumed in your home. Owners of ductless split system ACs never have such a problem because there are no ducts to collect dust.

Stuffiness within the Home

Accumulated dust in AC ducts does not only affect your energy bills. It also affects the indoor air quality of your home because some of that collected dust finds its way back into the air inside your rooms. Most homes have an airtight building envelop that prevents the flow of air from outside into the home. This can be a disadvantage when AC ducts collect dust over time because that dust-filled air can re-circulate within the home if it is not removed. This dust can cause family members to develop health complications, such as difficulty in breathing for those with compromised respiratory systems. Homes with ductless split systems never face this problem of stuffy air in rooms.

As you can see from the discussion above, the ducts that transport conditioned air around the home can be the source of problems years later if adequate preventive maintenance isn't done. Ductless split AC systems save you from some of those risks. You should therefore talk to an HVAC professional so that he or she guides you about how to acquire this system when you upgrade the air conditioning of your home (click here for more info).