Tips On Keeping Your Hired Bin A Pest-Free Zone

Bin hire can provide a cheap solution for occasional projects such as remodelling or landscaping.  Unfortunately, if you put edible waste into your skip bin, it can act as a magnet for animals in your area, resulting in rubbish strewn across your backyard or all over the pavement outside your house.  But how do you stop pesky critters from raiding your rubbish?  Read on for some helpful tips.

Lock it or lose it!

Most skip bins for hire come with a locking mechanism built into the lid, yet many people simply forget to lock the lid when the bin is not in use.  Make a mental note to set the bin lid lock while you're not using the bin, especially at night when animals, such as possums, are on the prowl. 

If the bin doesn't have a locking lid, you can use a bungee cord strung across the lid and fastened at both sides.  Failing that, a heavy brick placed on the centre of the lid may be enough to stop lightweight animals from prising the lid open.

What kind of rubbish?

Most bin hire firms specify what kind of rubbish you can put in their bins.  Sometimes it is not permitted to include food scraps or biological waste, both of which can be attractive to animals.  By sticking to what you're supposed to put in the bins, you can reduce the appeal of your bins to hungry pests.

If you are permitted to dispose of food waste in your bins, place all scraps into a plastic sack and seal it, before putting the bag into the bin.  This will prevent any tempting smells from drifting out from the bin.

Animal deterrents

Most animal pests can be deterred by substances with strong, unpleasant smells.  Spraying or sprinkling the following substances around the bins can be effective, without actually harming curious animals.

  • bleach diluted in water
  • vinegar
  • chilli powder suspended in water

A very good way of deterring animals, such as rats, is to keep your bin clean and free-from smells.  Each time the bin is emptied, rinse it out with hot water and bleach.  Line the bin with newspaper to soak up spills and prevent odours from lingering.

Siting your bin

To discourage animals from raiding your bin, ask the bin hire company to place it well away from trees, fences or buildings that could be utilised by an agile pest to gain access to the top of the bin.

In conclusion

You can keep your hired bins free from the attentions of pests by following the tips given above.  Ask your bin hire firm for more information on pest deterrent products that they may have available.