How to Solve Some Common Ride-On Mower Problems

You may not need to call for technical support in case your ride-on mower develops some minor problems. Reduce mower maintenance costs by fixing many of the problems that develop on your own. This article discusses some solutions to some of the common ride-on mower problems.

Excessive Vibration Your ride-on mower can start vibrating excessively for a variety of reasons. For instance, the mower may start vibrating if a belt is twisted or worn out. A missing mounting bolt can also cause the mower to vibrate abnormally. Examine the parts of that mower carefully and replace any part that has visible signs of damage, such as cracks. Tighten any loose bolts. You can also try running the engine at a higher rpm (revolutions per minute) in case you can't find any component that is malfunctioning.

Poor Bagging or Mulching Ensure that the engine is running at full throttle to enable the ride-on mower to bag or mulch properly. You should also confirm that the deck of your mower is level on all sides. Blunt blades can also affect the bagging or mulching functions of your ride-on mower. Sharpen those blades and see if the performance of the mower doesn't return to its optimum level afterward. Replace those blades in case they are worn out. Poor bagging or mulching can also be due to the prevailing conditions when you are using the mower. For instance, wet grass is very hard to cut. Wait until the grass is dry before you start mowing it to prevent this issue.

Smoking Engine Many factors can cause the engine of your ride-on mower to begin smoking. For instance, excess oil can be the culprit. Drain off any excess oil and leave only the recommended amount. Run the engine until all the excess oil that had overflowed burns off. The engine will stop smoking. It may also be possible that the engine is smoking due to a problem with the vacuum in the crankcase. Internal damage to the engine, such as a loose dipstick, can be responsible for lost crankcase vacuum. Fix any damage to the engine if you have the skills to do so. Never try to fix a ride-on mower problem that is beyond your skill or experience level. Call a technician and observe him or her at work so that you can learn what you need to do in case a similar problem develops later on.