Selling Your Home: Five Tips to Increase Saleability

In today's economy, some houses can struggle to sell. Otherwise pristine properties often remain on the market for months, sometimes years, for no other reason than their lack of appeal. If you're planning on listing your property, or already have but have had little buyer interest, follow these five simple tips to help make your house more appealing to today's buyers.

1. Give your home a makeover.

A quick coat of paint works like magic. Cover up any garish color schemes in neutral tones that will give the feel of a light and airy space. Keep all soft furnishings and accents light or neutral too. Aim for a blank canvas that enables viewers to picture there own color scheme working well in that space. Declutter every surface and tidy away any trinkets or knick-knaks. Too many possessions on display detract from the look of a room and prevent the prospective buyer from imagining where and how their own possessions would fit into place.

2. Renovate the restroom.

Banish any tired or outdated bathrooms. If your loo is slightly lacking, a renovation is required. A bathroom is a huge selling point of a property, and a small investment now will pay off tenfold in terms of a quick sell and achieving your asking price. Hire a professional bathroom design service and opt for a complete bathroom renovation if possible. This will guarantee an excellent finish and quality that will leave buyers begging to make an offer on your property. Do not attempt to remodel your bathroom yourself. Nothing is more off-putting to a potential purchaser than a botched DIY job.

3. Impress with first impressions.

Ensure the outside of your property is well maintained. Fix that fence and manicure your lawn. First impressions are everything. An outside space that is poorly maintained and undesirable, will leave any potential buyers less that keen to see what the inside may hold. A little work now will go a long way. Put in that extra effort to increase your property's kerb appeal and watch the buyers come knocking at your door.

4. Manifest into Mr. or Mrs. Fix-it. 

Fix any small repairs or maintenance tasks that you've been delaying. Yes they may be minuscule, but lots and lots of little jobs that need attending will only serve a discouragement. Most buyers want to be able to move into a property immediately with very little work required. If your home is in a good state of repair, you will likely get a lot more interest from the property market. 

5. Go off-road.

If possible, utilize any outside space and create an area for off-road parking. Most individuals and families rely heavily on their vehicles. Having a safe and convenient place to park is a huge selling point for any home. It may require a small investment now, but it will likely pay for itself in the long run and can possibly even increase a home's value.