5 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Renovation a Success

When it comes to modernising a home, the bathroom can be one of the most expensive rooms to update. Before taking on any renovation work, think about the scope of the project.

  1. Ideas: Work out what style and function the bathroom will have. Get lots of ideas before you start to design how it will look. Search in magazines and on the Internet for what type of bathroom you're after. Maybe create a wet room if your bathroom is small and you prefer to shower. Visit shops to look at bathroom suites. Think about the decor. Will you tile the bathroom or just paint it? Choose tiles, paint and flooring before starting the project.
  2. Time: Work out when you'll be able to do the task, and how much time you can set aside if taking on most of the work yourself. Where will you shower or bath in the meantime, or go to the toilet?! Decorating always takes longer than you think! Even with a plan you won't know what hurdles you'll meet along the way. If you're changing the bathroom suite, expect to come across the odd leak! Work out the stages of your project. If replacing the bathroom suite, you'll need a skip for the old one and for any rubbish being cleared out of the room, such as old tiles.
  3. Budget: Consider your budget carefully. Finishing touches like taps can be costly. If taking on a complete bathroom renovation, think first about what you might be able to keep. Sometimes changing just a bath panel and taps can make a bath look brand new. Taking on the work yourself could save lots of money in labour but will make it more time consuming, and the standard may not be as good as the professionals.
  4. Safety standards: Make sure you use a professional plumber and electrician to install the shower. Make sure all appliances and any fixtures bought comply with the appropriate safety standards. Don't void your insurance or make it unsafe for your occupants.
  5. Fixings and storage: Measure all units carefully and make the most of the space. There isn't much point completely renovating your bathroom in an attempt to make it look better and then leave children's bath toys out or clutter it with lots of toiletries! Consider the fixings and accessories, such as heated towel rails and lighting. Simply replacing a shower curtain or blind could completely change the appearance of the bathroom. This is worth thinking about if you are just wanting to make the bathroom look better without spending a small fortune.

It's worth taking pictures of the renovation work before and after. This will give you a sense of achievement from all your hard work.