What Makes a Hamptons Kitchen So Distinctive?

Originally a classic American design, Hamptons-style kitchens are named after the upmarket suburb of New York on Long Island. These days, Hamptons kitchens can be found all over the United States and the rest of the western world, including many Australian homes, of course. If you are considering updating your kitchen soon and want an elegant but distinctive design, then you may be tempted by a Hamptons one. What makes this kitchen design so distinct from others you might choose? Read on to find out.

The Muted Colour Palette

One of the most important things with Hamptons-style kitchens is that they will look very white. Although some off-whites can complement the style here and there, the idea is to whitewash walls and ceilings and opt for gleaming white cabinets. Your chosen work surfaces should also be made from materials like marble for a highly reflective quality that shimmers as you walk around it.

Dark Wooden Floors

The one area where a Hamptons-style kitchen is likely to differ from the monotone look is with the floor. To get the look right, you will want a dark wooden flooring system installed. Engineered wooden floors are popular so long as they are stained with a darker brown colour that will hide any scuffing. The look also works with laminate floors but you will ideally choose something that looks like natural wooden floorboards even if it is manufactured from a man-made material.

Tiled Splashbacks

Although many kitchen styles have tiled splashbacks — they are a perfectly practical choice, after all – it is essential you use ceramics for a truly Hamptons look. Although some people choose to go for an off white or even a pale grey tile for their kitchen, the grout you use should always be white. Choosing something that is not a brilliant white will take the edge of the clinical look of your kitchen and make it feel more homely but you still want the sunlight that comes into the room to bounce around on reflective surfaces.

Finishing Touches

Some other features turn what is basically a white kitchen into a Hamptons-style one. Firstly, you will want at least a couple of high stools to sit on. Bar stools are great for an informal meal or enjoying a quick breakfast but their true worth is making your kitchen look right. To complete the design, opt for pendant lights which are suspended quite low, just above your eye-line.

For more information about Hamptons-style kitchens, talk to a renovation service.