Do Laminate Benchtops Have a Place in Your Artistically Styled Kitchen?

Curating a specific aesthetic for your kitchen not only takes time but it can be a cost-intensive project too, as you need to ensure that all the elements that you introduce into this space are cohesive. And although you can skimp in some areas to save on costs, it can be challenging to do so for major components such as benchtops, as these will be exposed to heavy-duty use. If they comprise substandard materials, it will only be a matter of time until you need to replace them and reinvest in new benchtops.

As such, many homeowners will overlook laminate as a choice material for their benchtops as they associate their price tag with the flimsy, unappealing material from decades past. In truth, laminate benchtops have come a long way and this can be attributed to technological advancements that have made it compete with other new age supplies! Before you discount this material here are some benefits of laminate benchtops that make it a worthy inclusion into your artistically styled kitchen.

1. Laminate benchtops offer superior quality at an affordable price

One of the technological advancements contributing to the increasing popularity of laminate benchtops is the superior quality they offer over their older counterparts did. What you may be unaware of is that laminate benchtop providers need to meet strict manufacturing standards that are in place in Australia. These regulations require the laminate benchtops to have a degree of both wear resistance as well as fire resistance.

As long as you are purchasing these materials from a certified manufacturer, you can be assured that they will be capable of withstanding the conditions they will be exposed to in the kitchen. Moreover, you do not have to break the bank paying for this type of durability since laminate benchtops are more affordable to manufacture than timber, natural stone and other popular supplies!

2. Laminate benchtops are visually appealing with minimal upkeep

Speaking of luxe materials, supplies such butcher block benchtops, marble benchtops and so on may be undeniably beautiful but you would need to invest a considerable amount of effort to keep them looking that way! Marble, for example, is vulnerable to etching when exposed to acidic substances so routine sealing will be a necessary maintenance measure if the benchtops are to retain their stunning appearance. Laminate benchtops do not pose this problem.

Not only do they come in a vast selection of colours and styles, but you have the option of mimicking other materials too! Whether you are in love with the rustic touch of timber benchtops or you would like the surface of your benchtops to mirror the chrome appliances in your kitchen, you can do so with laminate. Furthermore, the impervious nature of the laminate makes it immune to kitchen spills. A simple wipe down with soapy water will do to eliminate any liquid or debris from its surface.

For more ideas, contact kitchen benchtop contractors.