The Advantages of Installing Vinyl Plantation Window Shutters in Your Home

Primarily made to provide privacy, natural light control, security, and protection from extreme heat or cold from outside, plantation shutters can also create a focal point in a room. These shutters are designed to fit snugly into the recess of an existing window, creating a solid barrier across that window. They comprise vertical rails that support louvres and keep them secure within their frame. Before you choose the first product you come across on the market, you should know that not all plantation shutters are created equal. Modern plantation shutters come in many versions so you can find the best fit for your home and budget.

Vinyl plantation shutters are increasingly growing in popularity in the residential window shutters market. Their main selling point is cost: vinyl shutters generally cost less to install than traditional window shutters like those made of real wood and aluminium, but this does not mean they're poor-quality products. Keep reading to find out other reasons why vinyl plantation shutters are a popular choice among today's homeowners.


Traditional wood shutters are a fantastic choice for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms, but they don't perform equally well in wet and moisture-prone areas of the home such as the kitchen and bathrooms. When wood becomes wet or is exposed to high-moisture environments, it gets attacked by fungi, which leads to rot.

Vinyl is a synthetic material that is impervious to all water and moisture. As a result, vinyl shutters work extremely well for residential windows that sit close to a water or moisture source.

Hardwearing and durable

Vinyl has the advantage of having a high strength-to-weight ratio. As a result, vinyl shutters are practically shatterproof and can have aluminium supports for added strength and stability. They're also built to withstand the demands of everyday use in high-trafficked areas of the house such as the living room and dining room. Vinyl shutters can endure any kind of weather, rain or shine.


When you choose vinyl shutters, you don't have to compromise style for function. These window shutters come in a wide array of beautiful colours and finishing options to match the architectural style of virtually any home.

If you want, you can even have your shutters designed to replicate the look of traditional materials such as real wood and aluminium. Vinyl shutters are a cheaper way to achieve the classic look only a plantation shutter can provide.

To learn more about plantation shutters and other options available to you, contact a professional based near you.