Two Tips to Follow if You Want a Retractable Awning

Here are two tips you should follow if you need a retractable awning.

Consider getting one that has a weather sensor

It might be worth looking for retractable awnings that come with weather sensors; this sensor technology can detect weather conditions such as wind speed and rainfall and trigger the release or the retraction of the awning as and when it is necessary.

An awning with this feature could come in handy if, for example, you're putting it over an outdoor area that you prefer to keep dry (for example, if you have sun-loungers in this area that you don't want to get rained on) or if you're putting in an area that sometimes requires some wind protection (such as your patio where you have potted plants that you don't want the wind to knock over), as the sensors would release the awning whenever the wind speed picks up or it starts to rain. This would mean you wouldn't have to constantly keep an eye on the weather and rush out to release the awning whenever it starts to rain or gets windy.

An awning with these automatic weather sensors could also be useful if, for example, you take naps out on your patio regularly and want to have an awning that will pop out and protect you if it begins to rain whilst you're snoozing in this spot.

Don't be afraid to choose a very bright and bold-coloured awning

When people buy non-retractable awnings, they often go for ones that are neutral and pale coloured. This is because, over time, the constant UV exposure that their awnings are subjected to will usually result in the colours fading (unless the awning fabric has UV-resistant properties) and this fading is less apparent in awnings that are light-coloured.

However, if your awning is retractable and is, therefore, rolled up and hidden from the sun's rays when it's not in use, then it's likely to take many years for the fabric to begin to fade. As such, you can afford to make a bolder choice in regard to its colours as, if you choose a vivid red or bright yellow awning, it will remain vivid and beautiful for the foreseeable future. A brightly coloured awning could be useful if you've got a compact outdoor area where there is very little room for patio or garden ornaments, as the colourful awning could serve as a decorative piece, as well as a functional item.