5 Reasons to Choose a Commercial Gas Fryer Over Electric

Choosing between a gas fryer and an electric fryer can have a big impact on your business, so it makes sense to give the matter plenty of thought. Both options offer their own benefits and drawbacks, but most business owners still find gas models are a better fit for their needs. 

Here are just five reasons why.

1. Heats Up Faster 

One of the most attractive reasons to pick a gas fryer over an electric fryer is that gas models heat up and reach high temperatures faster. That means you can get going with less delay and create a variety of products without having to keep your customers waiting in long lines. This should be especially attractive if you tend to experience lots of busy periods throughout the day.

2. Higher Capacity

Compare gas fryers against electric fryers and you'll probably notice that gas models tend to come with much higher capacities. This is why larger establishments will almost always use gas fryers. With that larger capacity, you'll be better able to meet periods of high demand.

3. Easier to Clean

Nobody likes having to keep fryers clean, but it's vital for both the taste of your food and to meet health requirements. Luckily enough, you can make things easier by opting for a gas fryer. These are much easier to clean since you don't need to worry about getting any electrical parts wet, which can cause significant damage to electric fryers. In fact, most gas fryers use removable parts that can simply be stacked in a dishwasher.

4. Finer Temperature Control

If you only use your fryer for one type of food, temperature control isn't going to be such a concern. However, many establishments will need to fry one item at a certain temperature and then raise or lower the temperature for what is needed next. This can be a problem with electric fryers since they don't allow for very fast changes in temperature. In contrast, gas fryers allow you to change the temperature of oil quickly and easily.

5. Less Maintenance

If you've ever had a fryer break on you, you'll already understand just how disruptive it can be. You can lose a lot of business, which makes paying for repairs even more of a trial. As such, it makes sense to pick a gas fryer over an electric fryer. Electrical components tend to break down over time, which makes electric fryers far less durable than gas fryers.

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