Replacing The Wood Floor In Your Home? Consider Secondhand Timber And Save A Tree Or Two

Whether you're installing your own floor or contracting the work out, using secondhand wood makes sense. Not only does it help the environment, you end up with a floor that is delightfully pleasing to the eye. Here are some of the basics about secondhand timber floors and a few of the wood types you may be lucky enough to find. Where Does Secondhand Timber Come From? Most of the secondhand timber used for flooring comes from existing homes, churches, schools and commercial structures.

How to Add a Bathroom to a Finished Basement

When finishing a basement, there are certain things you need to think of. It will need better insulation and ventilation, require a finished floor and walls, and will need plumbing and electrical work. Speaking of plumbing, you will probably want to have a bathroom installed in the basement. This requires not only the plumbing aspect, but choosing the right size based on the size of the basement. Here are some tips for adding a bathroom to your basement.

Classy Kitchens | 4 Design Ideas To Extract Style From Function

No other room in your home will ever be more purposely designed for functionality and practicality than your kitchen. With so much function to fit into the small space of kitchens, it's easy for style to be put on the back burner. But that means having to live with a monotonous kitchen every day. While functionality is an integral part of a good kitchen, there's a lot you can do to spring your kitchen to life with style and character.

Tips for Restoring Antique Furniture Like a Pro

Antique furniture never seems to lose its appeal. Due to the quality of the workmanship, even when they have lost their sheen, most antique pieces can become items of beauty with refinishing. Good furniture restorers can bring old furniture back to its original state easily.  While you can restore old furniture yourself, you sometimes run the risk of ruining an expensive piece of furniture by using the wrong technique and material.

Home Security | 3 Reasons To Hire Security Specialist Locksmiths

Locksmiths are usually required when you have been locked out or security has been breached at your home. In 2012–13, out of 8.9 million households in Australia, 2.7% experienced at least one unlawful break-in to their garage, shed or home, while 6.3% encountered at least one property damage incident – that's worrying for any household.  With increasing concerns around security, many homes are now equipped with highly advanced security alarms and sophisticated key systems to protect them.