What Type of Fire Extinguisher Coverage Do You Need for Your Business?

The risk of fire in an enclosed space is one of the biggest challenges facing a home or business owner today. The good news is that you can surround yourself with adequate protection, based on specific products available for individual circumstances. What do you need to consider? Getting an Assessment Most jurisdictions require business owners to carry out a fire risk assessment in order to legally determine how they should approach the protection of their premises, personnel and visitors.

Tips On Keeping Your Hired Bin A Pest-Free Zone

Bin hire can provide a cheap solution for occasional projects such as remodelling or landscaping.  Unfortunately, if you put edible waste into your skip bin, it can act as a magnet for animals in your area, resulting in rubbish strewn across your backyard or all over the pavement outside your house.  But how do you stop pesky critters from raiding your rubbish?  Read on for some helpful tips. Lock it or lose it!